1. What is the best age for a baby to enjoy a Baby Noah mobile?

Tracking and eye teaming skills begin to develop when infants start following moving objects. This usually happens by 3 months old. Brightly coloured moving objects such as our mobiles can help stimulate visual development. Babies then start to learn go to co-ordinate their eye movements.

Suggested age for use would be birth to 18 months.

2. Am I able to buy the stand for the mobile separately?

No, unfortunately our stands are not sold separately.

3. Are we able to buy the felt toys separately?

Yes, we sell our felt toys separately, please click on the ‘toys only’ option on the website and it will take you through to our toy collection where you can select your toys.

4. How many toys do you recommend we choose for our mobile?

The minimum amount of felt toys for our mobiles is 3 and we suggest the maximum being 4 toys. With anything more than that the mobile tends to gets very crowded. This being said, you’re welcome to choose as many toys as you would like.

5. How many colours do you recommend I choose for my felt toys?

We would suggest a minimum of three colours and a maximum of four colours. The fourth colour would be used as an accent and not as a main colour.

6. How do I care for my baby Noah felt toys?

Items made with real wool felt can be delicate. Your Baby Noah item is best stored away from any liquid, sharp object and direct sunlight, to prevent fading and aging. Because it is a hand-crafted product, it is not as durable as other machine-made items, please always handle your item with care. Products are NOT washable. When exposed to warm air or rubbed against rough material the wool material may fray. Use a small-tip scissor to fix it and brush softly with the palm of your hand.

7. Do you sell wholesale to retail stores?

We do accept wholesale requests from selected brick-and-mortar, specialty children retailers and exclusive gift boutiques. Please send your inquiries to hibabynoah@gmail.com  Please Mention your store name, URL & inform us the items you’re interested in carrying.

8. How long will it take to receive my purchase?

Our mobiles take 2 weeks to make and if we’re sending them to you via a courier please add on an extra 3 days. If you’re collecting we will email when your purchase is ready for collection and we will include our collection address in the email.

9. What if an item was damaged during shipping?

If your order arrives damaged during shipment, please contact us at hibabynoah@gmail.com within 7 days of receiving your order. We will inform you the mailing address to return your damaged item. Please make sure the item comes with its original box and packaging

10. Do you accept returns and/or exchages?

No, we don't. All sales are final. Our artisans hand-crafted each of your personalized order with great care and thoughtful craftmanship. Because of the nature of our handmade creations, we do not accept returns; so please order your item carefully! We ONLY accept request for exchange due to damage (shipping defects) or company mistakes. Exchanges must be submitted within seven (7) days from the date of receipt in it's original packaging. Email hibabynoah@gmail.com to notify us of your exchange request with your order reference name. Baby Noah will only send out a replacement after we receive the damaged item.

11. Can't find what you're looking for?

Please email us your questions or requests to hibabynoah@gmail.com